About Collective Inner Circle

Led by partners George Gammon, Russell Gray, Jason Hartman, Robert Helms, and Ken McElroy, the Collective Inner Circle mastermind features in-person retreats, on-line interactive video conferences, and a private instant messaging community. 

Throughout history, ambitious people have had to face a variety of challenges to both survive and thrive.  Success is almost always found through alliances as individuals create communities to support each other.   

The pace of change, the amount of information to be processed, the volume of challenges and opportunities people face in today’s world are unprecedented in human history. 

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to belong to a community of smart, experienced, connected, committed, and accomplished people. 

We study together.  We mentor each other.  We connect and coach.  We work hard and play hard.   

We’re a team … a tribe … a community of action takers and difference makers.  We challenge and cheer for each other.   

Capitalism is not greedy nor selfish.  It’s win – win.  Capitalists create value by solving real world problems and receiving value in exchange for value. 

When you’re excellent in value creation, you create abundance for the world and for yourself. 

Of course, excellence and abundance are more than just money.  Money without excellent health, happiness, relationships and significance is unfulfilling at best. 

So even though Collective Inner Circle is a mastermind for entrepreneurs and investors, we mastermind on building true wealth in all areas of life. 

Using abundance for self-indulgence might be fun for a season, but most truly successful people discover deeper meaning in life by investing their wealth, time, relationships, and expertise into creating a legacy … making the world better in some way. 

Just like creating a business or building an investment portfolio, leaving a legacy is also something better done with the help and encouragement of others. 

So whether you’re still aggressively building your personal wealth or working to make a meaningful impact in the world, when you’re a Collective Inner Circle member you gain access to a powerful brain trust and network who can help.